Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My New Rubber Stamp Shelves

I bought these 2 shelving units from a local party supply store that is closing down.I paid $10 a piece, these are the exact shelves I had in my mind that I wanted.I painted the inside backs white & touched up the black paint where needed.They fit all my stamps perfectly, my hubby said I don't need anymore because there is no more room.He just doesn't see that I can fit plenty more up here, HEHE.I hope you enjoy this, I was so excited to find these shelves & still am amazed at my luck.My bff told me about store closing around a month ago & I never made it over there, but last week I was nearby & had just made $30 from my cleaning job & decided to go check it out ,soooooo that's how I  happened to have the money for them.

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